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About BOFT
Bureau of Foreign Trade


The Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), which was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) on January 1, 1969, is responsible for formulating Taiwan's international trade policies, promoting trade, and managing trade-related activities. Over the past few decades, the BOFT's role and responsibilities have undergone numerous adjustments to meet the demands of the ever-changing international business environment.

Primary Duties:

I. Formulating and implementing trade policies and rules/regulations
II. Participating in the activities of international economic and trade organizations, and enhancing bilateral trade relations
III. Handling and coordinating trade negotiations, consultations, and disputes
IV. Negotiating and signing economic cooperation agreements
V. Administering the import/export regime and providing trade consulting services to importers and exporters
VI. Promoting foreign trade and creating an environment conducive to the development of foreign trade by constructing international exhibition halls, introducing paperless trade and trade facilitation, establishing global trade information websites, etc.
VII. Contact and coordination with the MOEA's overseas offices, and
VIII. Managing liaison and assistance concerning business-related entities and groups.