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About Taiwan

Taiwan, first known to the West as Ilha Formosa

Beautiful Island once created an “economic miracle” 
that aroused the admiration of the world with “made in Taiwan” products.

Island of Technology

In the present day, our 3C products and industrial machines are sold throughout the globe. For this reason, the impression of Taiwan in the minds of many people is that of a technologically advanced “industrial island” or “island of technology.”
Taiwan is well known for as a gourmet paradise. From the finest of Chinese cuisine, the booming development of foreign restaurants, to the unique dining opportunities in establishments serving local Taiwanese snacks, Hakka dishes, aborigine banquets, and night-market foods, as well as exquisite international dining in five-star hotels. Whatever your preference and budget are, Taiwan will easily satisfy your taste buds. The advantage of convenient transportation system here will certainly provide guests with superb travel environment and experience. Taiwan welcomes you to visit and witness this beautiful island in person!

Beyond Their Expectations

However, when a visitor arrives in Taiwan, he or she will discover that this island nurtures a wide array of tourism and ecological resources, from the diversity of traditional folk customs such as the Pingxi Lantern Festival, to the richness of culture, modern arts found inside the National Palace Museum, and of course the mouthwatering food. Overall, people often discover that the Taiwan experience is “beyond their expectations.”
Geographically, Taiwan is situated at the point where the Asian continental shelf meets the vast Pacific Ocean, providing it with an unparalleled ecological diversity and a mass of plant and animal species concentrated in a relatively small place—perfect for ecotourism. Taiwan has world-class natural landscapes such as the remarkable Taroko Gorge, the highest mountain in Northeast Asia in Jade Mountain (Yushan) and the breathtaking Sun Moon Lake. These places provide countless opportunities for great island adventures and unforgettable memories.