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Taiwan Smart Machinery
Taiwan's machine tool industry has an impressive 60-year track record and has enjoyed the advantages gained from industrial clustering, access to high-quality talent, an advantageous location in the Asia Pacific region, as well as a comprehensive list of IT services that can provide rapid support. Taiwan's machine tool products represent excellent value and are highly regarded by customers across a wide range of industries around the world.
High Level of Efficiency, Precision, and Customization | Strategies of Differentiation, Flexibility, Turnkey Solutions

Smart Solution

Smart manufacturing solution that integrates sensor technology, gateway, and cloud technology


Provides extended services that meet customers' needs


Offer complete solution that integrates IT, OT, and CT.

Flexibility and Share Resources

Worldwide network of real time service

Value-added Outputs

Provides products with great quality, efficiency, and cost control

Taiwan’s Intelligent Machinery Sectors Reaps the Rewards of a Decade of Investment

Use of "Servitization” to Transition to System Integration (SI) Model

In 2012, Taiwan launched the “Three Industries, Four Reforms” policy, which aims to use “servitization” to transition the manufacturing industry away   from a simple hardware/software product model, and towards a new paradigm based on using specialist technical services to boost revenues. However,   unlike the semiconductor and display panel industries, many machine tool companies have maintained a strong manufacturing presence in Taiwan, and are   also able to utilize the dual advantages of proximity to Taiwan’s precision machinery and ICT (information and communications technology) industries.

Smart Manufacturing as a Way to “Upgrade” Industries,

Since 2015, the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) has been touring Taiwan in an effort to promote demonstration production lines         intelligent manufacturing. To date, 18 manufacturers have already set up such production lines. In May 2018, TAMI organized the first Taipei Intelligent        Machinery & Manufacturing Technology Show (iMTduo) to highlight the initial results of the introduction of intelligent machinery. The ultimate goal is to    use intelligent machinery and intelligent manufacturing as a way to “upgrade” industries, thereby facilitating a transition from the individual machine sales  model of the past to a systems integration (SI) model.

In 2016, the government followed up by launching the “5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan”, which aims to develop smart manufacturing applications and solutions based   around a variety of smart technologies (i.e. “intelligent manufacturing”), and encourage end users in the manufacturing industry to adopt such solutions as a means of   transitioning the sector into an “intelligent industry”.
Design Tomorrow

Precision machinery

Precision machinery with information technology

Intelligent machinery

Integration of smart elements like failure prediction, accuracy compensation, automatic parameter setting

Smart Manufacturing

Introduction of intelligent Machinery and Cloud Connection, providing IoT and customization service

Our Goal

Smart Machinery


Our goal is to become a smart machinery center and total solution provider.

Taiwan Smart Machinery

Taiwan's Machine Industry Continues to Push the Boundaries of Innovation